Hitchhiking boats
to sail the seven seas

A personal journey into the choice of happiness

I’ve turned my life upside down to do more of what makes me happy – so I started collecting freckles

I am happiest at sea. I heard about a concept described with the term “Hand for berth” which would allow me to be right where I wanted to be. How? By hitchhiking boats!
With not much information to find, I decided to give it a try. I decided I wanted to sail the seven seas. Jumping from sailboat to sailboat, working on whatever needed to be done, and traveling with the wind. Only the fact that I had little … let’s face it: just a tiny bit more than no experience with sailing let me hesitate for a split second.

So this is me, Sanni – hitchhiking boats to sail the seven seas. Learning everything I can about sailing, the ocean, the world, and what it means to pursue a personal choice to do more of what makes me happy. And this is my way of sharing what I learn with you.

Why Collecting Freckles?

How a moment became a mantra

It has all begun on the first warm day in April. I was laying in the fresh grass underneath an old beech tree with my eyes closed, observing the little sunspots dancing on my inner eyelid, whilst I was listening to the wind whispering between the leaves.

I was so happy. It was like liquid luck ran through my veins. I felt the grass underneath my hands and the sun tickling my skin. After a long winter, it felt like my freckles would be lured out again.

That day, I made it my mission to get as many freckles as I could this year. Doing more of whatever it is that makes me feel this happy. This happened in 2015 and since it carried on and became a metaphor for doing more of what makes me happy.

What’s important to me

And why

Our Planet

It’s our responsibility to take care of our planet and leave it better than we have found it.


Life is not a competition. It’s an opportunity to support and empower one another.

Mental Health

Healing our mind is what heals our heart, our body, and our souls. We need to care.

Body Positivity

I believe that everybody and every body is beautiful. We are diverse and that is amazing.

What is “Hand for berth”?

Or in other words: How does one hitchhike Boats?

Everyone is familiar with the term hitchhiking, applied on boats some even call it hitch-sailing. It describes a way of traveling by accompanying a vessel as a member of the crew towards its next destination and validating one’s place aboard through work.
This work can come in any shape or form and of course, depends on the level of experience. To give some examples: taking watches, scrubbing the deck, checking the lights in the mast, cooking and making the dishes, or even taking care of children, that might be aboard. Basically, anything that can and will contribute to a safe and successful passage.

Since August 2019 I’ve lived this lifestyle and crewed for many different boats. For me, this is the perfect way to travel.

A travel story that is one of a kind

Do you want to know the details of my travels, the boats that I went with, and the route that I chose? Here you will find out more: