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I am going to open a Shop! I have wanted to do this for such a long time and now I finally found the time to work in it.



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As a crew member on sailboats through the seven seas

Hi there,
I’m Sanni. I left my hometown Berlin in August 2019 to do more of what I love most – sailing. My aim is to be a crew member on sailing yachts and help its owners to take their boats to their next dream destination. My dream is to sail around the world and learn as much about sailing, the ocean, and the wind as I can.

Welcome aboard!

Hitchhiking at Sea around the world: My Journey

The first sailing boat took off from northern Germany and brought me to northern France. From there I crossed the Bay of Biscay, heading further south to the Algarve Coast under a British flag. I then accompanied a Belgian family to the Canary Islands and from there I crossed the Atlantic on boat number 4. Having arrived in the Caribbean, I joined as crew under a Portuguese flag and have sailed to Panama only recently.


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